Ideas Worth Sharing

Have questions for a presenter whose webinar is archived?  Wish you could ask followup questions after a live webinar has just taken place?  Have a request for a presenter who has an upcoming webinar scheduled?  We’ve added several new features to facilitate ongoing discussion both among participants and the presenter.


Quality Assurance

Maintaining current knowledge on topics and trends within our profession is critical to career advancement.  However, many webinars provided by others are no more than thinly veiled sales pitches.  Our promise to you: NO SALES PITCHES.  We are committed to providing quality educational opportunities.


Continuing Education Optional

While all live and archived webinars are continuing education eligible (CHES, MCHES, ACSM, RD and CPH), our goal is to make our resources as freely accessible as possible. This means that access is completely unrestricted.  We encourage everyone to invite colleagues to take full advantage of our 125+ hours of recorded content.  If you’re a… [Continue Reading]


Whenever it works for you.

We know everyone can’t always participate live in our webinars which is why they are all recorded live, archived and available here 24/7/365.  Participating live does offer unique benefits such as the opportunity to ask questions or seek clarification live.  Also, live participants always receive a coupon code worth 25% off the optional purchase of… [Continue Reading]